Jan. 05, 2022
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TCR Denmark announces switch to Kumho Tire for 2022

“In motorsport, tyres mean infinitely much, and with TCR Denmark as part of the new major agreement between Kumho and TCR, we will be a pioneering series on that front,” said TCR Denmark director Martin Jensen.

WSC, the TCR rights holder, recently announced a new cooperation with Kumho Tire and the launch of a new tyre that has been specifically developed for the TCR category.

“This means that teams from TCR Denmark can in the future compete in TCR series abroad without having to get to know a new tire and thus be more competitive,” said Jensen.

“At home, this will mean that a lot will be reset in relation to the teams’ knowledge of how the tyres work. We therefore also expect it to provide new teams with better opportunities. If you are interested in switching to TCR Denmark, 2022 is therefore a good year to do so.”

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