Jan. 21, 2022
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TCR Europe switches from Hankook to Kumho Tire

“We are delighted to be making this announcement and I am looking forward to working with Kumho Tire from next season,” said Paulo Ferreira, the TCR Europe Promoter.

“Having a single tyre across a range of TCR series makes total sense for both organisers and competitors and I think it shows great foresight by Kumho Tire to work with WSC and series promoters by producing a bespoke TCR tyre. I would also like to thank Hankook Tyre for their work with us during the 2021 season.”

TCR Europe is the fourth TCR series to introduce Kumho Tire for 2022 alongside TCR Denmark, TCR Spain and TCR Eastern Europe.

This switch also marks the third tyre manufacturer in three years for TCR Europe, going from Yokohama to Hankook to Kumho Tire.

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