Nov. 16, 2019
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Monza results declared final after technical checks

Results of the TCR Europe’s last race in Monza were declared final, following the technical checks of the ECU of Josh Files’ Hyundai i30 N car.
The technical report issued yesterday stated that: “the analysis and electronic controls of the ECU comply with the technical regulations.” As a consequence, Files has been officially confirmed as the winner of Monza’s Race 2 and the TCR Europe champion.

Marcello Lotti, the president of WSC Group, commented: “All the reconfirmation checks have been thoroughly carried out by the TCR technical department. From 2020, a new software will be implemented to make the checks faster and more dynamic. This, in parallel with the adoption of the common ECU for the newly-built cars, will help the technical delegates of each different series to immediately check the compliance with the certified maps.”


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